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operating the office
Dr. L. Mendez Catlin, CEOM
Dr. L. Catlin, Physician
Ms. R.M. Sweet, Nurse
Ms. K. Wallace, Nurse Assistant
Ms. V. Doolan, Admin Assistant
Ms. A. Henning, Student Intern

Board of Directors
Dr. L. Mendez Catlin, CEOM
Mr. S. Mendez Catlin, Esq., CFO
Mr. I. Douglas
Ms. J. Thompson
Rev. D. Walker
Ms. H. Walker
Ms. D. Wheeless, Esq.
Ms. R. Welsh
Ms. J. Dempsey, Student Intern
Ms. A. Cupid, Student Intern

850-697-3423 (fax)

after hours emergency phone: 
850-363-4951 (texts available)

email: DraLMCatlin@phoenixfhcc.com
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